{ being a bride }

Oh hi, little blog :). Even though I have lots of design material I could and should be sharing with you, I'm going to put it on the back burner for just a little longer (I mean, what's another week?) because I feel compelled to write about something that's been on my mind lately.

For those of you who don't know me personally, my husband Trevor and I got married a few weeks ago, in a private wedding ceremony in Charlottesville, VA. I'm going to go all into the elopement and why we did it and all that jazz at another time, but this is a little more specifically about my experience being a bride.

First of all, you should know that I didn't always think that I would want to elope. It was something that I realized a couple of years ago, but before then I imagined I would do a traditional wedding with guests, tons of flowers (give me ALL the flowers), favors, dinner, brunch, bachelorettes and the whole nine yards. I worked in two bridal boutiques in high school and college, so the vision of what I thought I would look like on my wedding day was always pretty clear. I had lots of time to ponder it while watching soon-to-be-married ladies come in and try on dress after dress. I knew that I would one day wear a lace gown with an illusion neckline, long loose curls, and a floor length veil; I'd also OBVIOUSLY be in the best shape of my life.

Being someone who is involved in design, super detail oriented and at times a (tad) particular about aesthetics, it became clear to me at some point that it would be far too easy for me to get off track while planning a traditional wedding. It was really important to me that my wedding day be about the marriage and not about the place settings or the furniture rentals. Not that it's wrong to be excited about those things. It is exciting! I'll be the first one to say that I love a good wedding. But I knew in my heart that at the end of the day, I wanted to focus on one thing and that was marrying Trevor. For these reasons, I really wanted to be as laid back about everything that day as I possibly could. Including my appearance. I bought my dress online, did my hair and makeup in about 15 minutes and shopped for shoes and earrings the day before we left, but ended up wearing Target sandals because they were easier to walk in outside. 

When I got dressed that day, I felt beautiful because it was a beautiful day, literally and figuratively. There was nothing extraordinary about what I was wearing or how my hair looked. It was definitely a step up from my usual jeans and t-shirt, but basically, I looked like me. (Read: Not a Pinterest bride.) I wouldn't trade that Trev and I got to go for a hike (in the loosest sense of the word) through the mountains, have a leisurely, late breakfast together while watching HGTV, play several games of Catch Phrase and sit by the fireplace just so that I would have had more time to get ready or go to a salon. It was a decision that I made based off of how I wanted to spend my time that day. And even so, when we were going through our (insanely amazing and ridiculously gorgeous) wedding photos by Anna Reynal, (who I just need to gush about in an entirely seperate post because I just love and treasure her so much ), I couldn't help but overanalyze every hair on my head and flab on my body. Was I a BRIDE even though I hadn't lost 20 pounds the way you are supposed to? Could a BRIDE stand to have her makeup applied [pretty much] the same way she would wear it to work? 

The answer is yes, but it's really hard to remember this when you're constantly faced with "10 DAY BRIDAL BOOTCAMP" or "HOW TO NOT LOOK FAT IN YOUR WEDDING DRESS" or "5 WAYS TO LOOK YOUR BEST ON YOUR WEDDING DAY." Do grooms have to go to bridal bootcamp?! Why am I the only one that has to stop drinking beer?! It's not that I think it's wrong to want to look beautiful on your wedding day; it's the immense pressure of what that means to so many of us. And how much it takes the focus off of what matters.

So. FUTURE BRIDES OF AMERICA. PAST BRIDES PICKING YOURSELVES APART. Relax. The sad truth is that in 30 years we will all look back at our wedding photos and most likely wonder what the hell we were wearing anyway. The love and joy will be timeless. <3

All photos by the WONDERFUL Anna Reynal


{ CBI designs: living room storyboard }

Oh dear. It's been a while y'all. I'll skip out on telling you my excuses for not posting for the most part. Basically, I've been focusing in other areas of my business and life and not devoting as much time as I could to producing new content for you, which then makes me feel like I have nothing worthy to blog or share. Blogging has become a complex creature. It's so easy to check in with you guys on Instagram and Twitter these days that my regular posts begin to feel mundane and unnecessary. But not todayyyyy!

I'll be able to go into more detail soon enough, but the gist is that I recently worked on a little project designing a little DC condo (a living room, bathroom and bedroom, to be exact) and I thought it would be all kinds of fun to share the design plans with you guys here on the blog. First up? The living room.

Here's a super simple floor plan to give you an idea of how it would be laid out:

I still think a chaise or something of that nature between the sofas and the two side chairs would be great to fill that space a bit. That aside, I would toooootally live in this room. My client was a single lady who just moved into her first condo and wanted to create a home that was feminine, versatile, felt collected over time, and would evolve with her through the years. The great thing about all of these pieces is that they are super neutral and practical, but easy to dress up. I'm all but obsessed with the idea of acquiring my own moroccan coffee table, but I'm not sure Trevor is on board. And one day I'll have the space (and the budget) to have two full sofas facing each other. It's the perfect seating arrangement.

When Trevor and I were finishing up our apartment for the Style Me Pretty Living shoot, we needed a large piece of art for over the bar but really didn't want to spend a lot of money. I grabbed a piece of marbled paper from Paper Source and framed it in a large Ikea Ribba frame and called it a day. It worked so well that I went the same route with this design, selecting two of the Ombre Wrapping Paper sheets. I'm all about investing in original art when your budget allows, but this is an easy way to add color and interest without breaking the bank (And allows you to save up for an investment piece in the future!).

I know I totally could have gone with jazzier curtains, but I think the beigey tones in the couch and curtains keeps things feeling calm and serene, and you can't beat the price. Doing window treatments "right" costs a ton of money, so its an area I tend to cut corners with. (When it makes sense to :).)

I also recently wrapped up a really awesome project in the 'burbs for a super sweet family, and I have to say, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my little vision come to life. This particular family opted for the Design At Your Door option (even though they are local), and they executed every detail so well. Honestly, the easiest clients ever! So things are hoppin' along over here y'all. I have more fun things to share with you so please stay tuned! Hope you all have the best day <3



{ inspired by this: built-in outdoor seating }

I've decided to ignore last nights snow and my cold house this morning and instead go (mentally) to a warmer, happier place: this lovely little deck. 

Sometimes simple just hits the nail right on the head, and it most certainly does in this case. Texture, plants, white, warm wood, dusk. Could it get any more beautiful? We've just recently decided (i think...) to stay in our little apartment, which means the best outdoor space I've got is a fire escape off my kitchen, but a girl can dream. Besides, that decision was made BEFORE we decided to adopt a second animal (a terribly sweet three legged kitty...more to come on that). So I think we should revisit this decision :). We'll have to wait and see if Trevor agrees with me.

photo via

{ a brand new week}

Oh man, I am so ready for this week. After a refreshing weekend of beautiful weather, long runs and relaxation, I'm feeling spleeeendid. I'm planning on spending today running some errands, and picking up some pieces for a fun shoot I'm working on this week. I'm thinking this week is a perfect time for that impromptu trip down to DC that I keep talking about, too. :)

Everything literally feels brighter when the sun comes out folks <3. Have a happy Monday! XO

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{ where i've been… }

I've been a little stressed these last couple of weeks, y'all. I'm busy, but it's kind of more than that. i just have this nagging feeling like i'm forgetting something, like, all the time. Or I feel anxious but I can't put my finger on why. and isn't that the worst?

Sometimes when I go through phases like this I have to step away from blogging because I put too much pressure on myself to create a "good" post. Eventually I get overwhelmed and choose to post nothing at all.

Which is almost what I did today.

But then I realized I needed (for my own sanity) to check in and say hi. I'm slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that things can't always meet my vision. I can't always maintain two jobs, a relationship, a blog, an apartment, laundry, dinner, bentley, myself and it all look and feel perfect. Sometimes we have to order take-out because we're both too tired to cook or we haven't gone to the store, and I can't feel bad about that. It's just life, and it's only a problem when I make it one. So no more of that! Right? Right!

I'm not really sure where any of that was going, but I think what I'm trying to say is: Happy Hump Day! 2 more sleeps until Friday. <3

both photos via my instagram